Interesting 41C customization


Here's what appears to be a highly customized 41C(V/X?) for surveying that I've never run across before:

(Unfortunately the calculator itself is not included in the auction, but it's shown.)

Do serious 41 collectors know about this?


Hi Katie,

There is little info on such devices available. AFAIK these data collector units were developed by a Swedish company (Geotronics), Geodat-126 and Geodat-400, 500 & 600 series. Surprisingly the 400 holds 900 points while 126 holds 1.500 points.

The waterproof shell-like enclosure shown in the auction is equiped with an HP-IL inteface (82160A) and a proprietary serial adapter wich identifies itself on the loop as Device #78 [AID] named "GDAT 126" [ID].

I've got the 126 enclosure, and would like to know if someone out there has got a full working unit...

Best wishes


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