Does anyone know how to open a Sparcom "Drive 95"?


I found one at the junque store and it doesn't start up when i connect it to an ac adapter. With luck the problem is just a fuse.



in most cases it's not a fuse, but the battery.

To open the Drive95, just *carefully* lever out the back pane.

It's only held by flat plastic rivets (?) .
After lifting the pane, you'll see the pcb,

and the battery with it's connectors on the left side of the case.

To remove the battery, you may have to pull out the pcb,

which can be done after pulling the screws under the rubber feet.

The battery may be held in place by a plastic strip.

On 'newer' Drive95 units, the battery is

connected to the pcb with a removeable connector,

on older units the connection is made with tin points.

The suitable relacement battery block is avialable in electronics stores.

Have a nice 2005;-)




It is just as you said. I never would have started prying on it if you hadn't have said so. I'll get a new battery for it.

I didn't get a battery charger with it, or the manual :-(
The back pannel says that it will use "9-18v ac/dc" and i have several that will work but that's a pretty wide range. Do you think it has a prefered flavor of power?

BTW: is there any downloadable info on this beast? I have a 95 to use it with (and that manual) if i can learn how.

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the original power adapter shipped with the drive is a Panasonic KX-A11,

Input: 120V 60Hz 12W

Output: DC 12V 500mA, Plus pole on the outer side of the plug.

You can also use the adaptor (82240A) for the HP infrared printer (82241A or B) .

I can send you the files of the main driver diskette via eMail.

Just drop me a note at M a g i c 4 8 g e s @ g m x . d e (remove the obvious;-)

For any computer, the Drive95 will be a KERMIT server.

To access media inside the drive, perform a Directory Get command.




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