HP-41 CX ED command on CV


I was wondering if there is a equivalent of the ED command on the HP-41 CX available for the HP-41 CV (of course equiped with a X-Functions module).

Does anybody know about this?




I think you'll need a HEPAX then...



Hi, Mutsch;

Unfotunately, the CX-only ED command/function is not available through the X-Functions, as you already know. I am not aware of other original,standard Hewlett-Packard ROM modules for the HP41 that offer this feature. As Raymond says, HEPAX (maybe other thirdy-part ROM modules, too) has it. Also you could use newer options, like some amazing devices made by some contributors in here: MLDL2000 by Meindert Kuipers, NoVRAM by Diego Diaz and and some other developments by Christoph Klug. These modules (and others, like HEPAX itself) allow you to develop your own ROM, as you can see in this thread and this article by Christof Kulg. There is another thread I did not locate so far about a custom HP41 ROM by one of this fourm's contributors with complex functions.

Hope this helps a bit.

Luiz (Brazil)


I remember reading in one of the later PPC or CHHU Journals of a synthetic program that did the same thing as the CX ED command. What issue or what it was called I do not remember though.


The 41cx's text editor, written in assembly, is only marginally fast enough to be useful, so I wouldn't put any hopes on any synthetic program to do the same job.


Hey guys,

thanks for your hints and links. That really sounds interesting.



Two excellent programs to replace ED for people without an HP-41CX were published in user club journals. A very powerful editor by Frank Wales is in the journal of the British club HPCC (www.hpcc.org), Datafile, Volume 2, Number 2, pages 23-26, including barcode for the program. A good short editor by Arend van den Brug is in the PPC Calculator Journal, Volume 11, Number 6, pages 28-30. More such programs can be found in these and other journals. Both journals are available on CD-ROM from Jake Schwartz - Dave, am I allowed to give details here, or does that count as advertising? BTW, the above information is in my book "Extend Your HP-41", which I am sure I am allowed to mention, since it is available on Dave's Museum DVD and CD-ROM set.



that's even more interesting. I knew there was something ;-) Thanks for pointing me to the appropriate articles. Thanks.


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