I've used an HP48GX for about 3 years
and suddenly doesn't work... the reason:
any body don't know. I followed every
tip for the problem's manual, but nothing.

Now a days, I bought a 49G+ ($190.00),
and it doesn't works well.
If I push many fast the butons,
the display doesn't show that.
I.E. if I push very quickly 3005, the display
showme 305 or 005 or 300 or 3 or 5 or 00.
It is the same case with every combination
of buttons, and if i apply the "SELF TEST"
sayd that: every is OK.

I've started to think that HP is an fraud.

What do you recomend me for this case?
The guaranty for the seller, is dead,
works only for 3 months and the problem
rise just after this time.

If you known any solution, Please, tell me.
Any way, thank you for your time.

Abel López


Hello Abel. A lot of people have reported these problems with their HP49G+. HP have trouble with this! Try the following. First, when you use the calculator, press the keys at the middle of the bottom of the key, pushing from the bottom into the calculator, and a little towards the display at the top of the calculator. (The keys work less well if you press from one side, or at the top of the keys.) Second, try turning off the display of the clock if that is turned on. (Some specialists think that the calculator does not check the keyboard while it is updating the clock.) Third, try pressing every key a few times, and "rotating" it. (Some people - me too - have found that this makes the keys more loose, and more reliable.) Fourth, if none of these help, demand that HP replace your HP49G+ with another one!


I can say that HP WILL replace your 49G+ if it seems to suffer from a bad keyboard. I got a replacement and it is a little better: it still misses keypresses, not nearly as often and yes, turning the clock off does help.

For heavier calculating (to me, that means calculating that requires a bit of light programming), I depended in recent years on the 48G, 48G+ models. Fortunately for me, they still work fine, but I decided to get a 49G+ anyway. The short of the story is that I continued to rely on the 48G units because the 49G+ was a pain to use due mainly to the problems we just mentioned (and maybe one or two others mentioned in this forum).

But the replacement does work much better than the original one I bought and I have noticed that I reach for it more and more. The ability to accept a SD flash memory card is a superb touch. I don't have to worry about storing my long and stinky programs in a limited, hardwired RAM space.


Your 48GX may not be dead yet.
Take a look at


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