Have you noticed...


... that there are two different HP 81161A tapes? One that is black (2232Axxxxx) and a second that is brown (mine has 2449Axxxxx).

Ther are also two sorts of tapes: one is sealed in cellophane that is labeld "Assembled in Mexico" and another that is sealed in a small bag with no printing on it.

There are even two different boxes for the two different tapes. One is 6.5cm x 5.5cm x 14cm and one is 8cm x 7cm x10.5cm. The blue label on the two boxes is the same.

There are more that two different power supplies for the tape drive.

Maybe someone finds two different rechargable batteries or two different boxes for the set (I think there are two, but I only have one yet....


I had both Verbatim with labels, and HP82176A with & without label. Seemed to have been made by Verbatim in any case?!


The 82161 service manual shows a photo of the alignment tape for said tape drive. It has a very obvious 'Verbatim' logo...

Incidentally, a friend of mine scanned that manual (and some other service manuals) with the intention of offering them to the museum. Alas Dave Hicks couldn't use the file format said friend produced (or something, I don't pretend to understand such things), which rather put us off scanning any of the other goodies I've got (like the HP75 ROM source, the HP71 Forth/assembler source and explanation), and so on.



Any chance of sending that scan of the tape drive service manual my way? I'll use whatever format it is and even convert it for Dave if he might be interested.

Dave Mabry
(MDS user as well as HP calculator user)


Hi Tony,

I'm *very* interested in the HP75 ROM source (I'm looking for it since a long time), let me know if I can help in any way (jeffcalc at wanadoo dot fr) I know it's a big document.

BTW, the HP71 Forth/Ass ROM IDS is already on the MoHPC CDROM. Is it a different thing?



Absolutely totally diffrent 71B CPU= earlier Saturn 16*4/20-bit CPU, 75C CPU=85 CPU=8/16-bit "Standard" CPU


Thanks, Veli, I know that the HP71 and HP75 have different cpu types :-)

I just meant: is the "HP71 Forth/assembler source and explanation" that Tony mentioned the same than the HP71 Forth/Ass IDS present of the CDROM?



VPN, why don't you ever pay attention to what is really written? ;-)




Most unfare notice ever!

Happy Xmas anyway!



Don't take it bad VPN... there was a smiley, after all.

And you're right: Merry Xmas!



AFAIK the HP-75 CPU is a CMOS version of the series 80 Desktop PC CPU.

Maybe more info on www.series80.org ...



The HP75 ROM source is a good few hundred pages (maybe 1000 pages). I also have the description of it (about 1/4 the thickness) and the I/O ROM source (a bit thinner again). Quite a bit of work to scan that!

For obvious reasons I am not going to copy it, and I won't send it by post (sorry, this is not something I could easily replace if anything happened!). I hope I can find somebody in the UK who is prepared to scan it.

As regards the HP71 Forth listings, the document I have is called an 'Internal Maintenance Specification' I think. It's the source of the Forth and Assembler sections (but not the editor), description of the Forth dictionary, and so on. It's probably the same as the one on the CD-ROM



I could be interested in the HP75 rom's dump. I already done an HP86/87 emulator and it could be fun to try an HP75 one.

P.S. the rom listing could also be interesting. André Koppel had a FULL HP86 listing rom in pdf and it was very interesting to use. Especially to enable an 1016x480 graphic mode :)

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