American AC adapter/charger in Europe


Hi all,

Probably this is a very simple question, but it is getting me very anxious. If I buy an American HP calculator (most of those sold in eBay are American), would I have problems with the AC charger? I know the plug is different, but that shouldn't be difficult to fix. I mean problems about voltage, 50/60 Hz, and so on. Any feeback?


Hi Rodolfo,

the only REAL problem is you have 230 VAC in Europe instead of 120 VAC in North America. Everything else will not affect your adapter, but this will! Last time I was in USA I tried to find and buy a transformer 2:1 -- assuming US citizens will also meet this problem when they leave their continent. Apparently, however, the number of people doing this is too small to offer such a product in "normal" shops. I do not have a better explanation so far.

Good luck!


Some of the classic (meaning old, not referring the classics series) power supplies are switchable. You can use them anywhere!


There are two types of converters. The first is simply a transfomer and is suitable for small loads. This the type you want.

The second is an SCR pack and is suitable for large resistive loads such as an iron. They are not compatible with most electronic equipment such as a radio or calculator. This is the kind you don't want.

Both types can be found in most luggage stores in the malls. Radio Shack or some such might have them at a better price.


Using American AC adapters is no problem in the UK. Just buy a US to UK adapter from Maplin, this has a 240v to 110v transformer inside and the adapter and the right UK plug and US socked built in. See this link:

DONT try to connect a US AC adapter direct to UK mains!!!!!

Happy Christmas.

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