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Hello, I need help with my HP 97S. I got almoust the HP97S working again, but one issue is open. The I/O interface was disconnected from the calculator board and I need the pinout to reconnect it again, so which of the small little cable are to be connected to which pin on the circuit board. Please help if you can. I would like to thank everyone in advance for helping me out. Thanks very much !


If you have the CD/DVD manual set from this museum, there's a picture of the internal connection called: 97SINT.JPG that shows the connection in enough(?) detail to reconnect it. I think that this picture used to be on this web site, so perhaps Dave still has it in higher resolution if it's not quite good enough.



Thanks Katie for the fast reply. I only saw the photo from the 97S listed on the museum page. The problem is that each wire is connected below the red connector, so I am not able to determine which wire goes to which pin below this red cover. If there is another photo I do not have it. Thanks Dennis !


Hi Dennis,

I have a HP97S, so I could open it and take a picture next week (after Christmas when I have some time off.

Let me know at that time if you still need it.




I took a picture of the connector in my 97S and I think the order is:

1 - white/yellow
2 - black
3 - orange
4 - white/green
5 - yellow
6 - red
7 - green
8 - brown
9 - blue
10 - pink
11 - grey
12 - white/red
13 - white/brown
14 - white
15 - white/orange
16 - white/black
and the larger diameter lead that connects outside of the 16-pin header

Here's the picture: http://www.wass.net/pictures/97s.jpg


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Hello Katie,

thanks very very much for your effort and time to help me out on this.
I will proceed with your data and if there is help I can offer, please let me know.

Ronals, thanks also for your offer to help me, I think what Katie send out should be sufficient.

Best greeting + thanks from germany


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