i need help powering up hp48sx


i have a 48sx that sat in my briefcase forever. i used it very little and changed the batterries on a regular basis. one day it wouldn't power up. i have tried reseting it with a paper clip under the upper rubber foot. i've tried leaving te batterries out for days to eliminate the static.no luck. can anyone help me.thankyou for your interest


Have you tried to connect the terminals (while the batteries are removed) with a papeer clip to possibly discharge any static build up?


A small but important addendum:

NEVER put in the batteries with wrong polarity,

unless you want to take the risk destroying the zener diode.

This topic has been discussed before several times.


Try this: Press lightly on the rasised part of the bezel above and between the B and C keys in the top row. While maintaining the pressure, try turning it on.

If it turns on, the problem is a loss of contact between the logic board and keyboard due to shrinkage of a foam pad.

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