Free42s Update from Tom Okken


I usually keep an eye on Tom Okken's update for his wonderful Free42 emulator for the HP42s. Today he released version 1.0.16 with some interesting feature updates and implementations. Thanks Tom for a wonderful labor of love.


PS: website is at:


Tnx 4 the hint!



When I try to print to the Printout Window I get the error message: "Printing is Disabled". What do I do to emable printing? Thanks...


Hi, Gordon; are you well?

Allow me a sily question? Have you checked printer output status? (sorry asking the question before you alow me to ask...) The original HP42S allows printing to be enable and/or disable with the commands PON and POFF, also available with the PRINT menu. Maybe (if you have not checked yet) printing is indeed disabled. You can either try to execute PON or press the [PON] softkey through the PRINT menu. In the HP41, enabling and disabling printing capabilities depended on having a printer connected to the calculator (system flag 55, if I am not wrong) and controling flag 21 (flag 21 works "almost" the same in the HP42S). I consider that the printing interface is always "connected" to the HP42S (what is actually a fact), and the disconnection is "emulated" through the POFF. PON restores it. Flag 21 follows POFF (clear) and PON (set).

I downloaded the emulator right now and I checked printer status: it is disabled. Please, try: [SHIFT][PRINT][up-arrow] and you'll see [POFF]. Simply press [PON] (softkey for [Sigma+]) and the printer becomes enable.

Hope this helps.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 19 Dec 2004, 7:52 a.m.


Hi Luiz, I'm fine and thanks for your quick reply.

I have had PON enabled for so long on my real HP-42S that I forgot it existed!


Tom just posted version 1.0.17 with some more features and improvements. Go Tom!!!!!!!!

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