HP 33C


could somebody tell me what is the type and the voltage of the battery pack of a HP 33C
Thank a lot



Spice Series

HP 82109A (2 x AA 700mah) The Spice battery pack consists of 2 AA NiCd batteries providing 2.5 volts. The keying on this pack is subtle but important. The area under the recycle logo is flat, but on the other side of the pack, there is no flat bar between the batteries. A ridge in the battery compartment assures that the pack is installed correctly. Radio Shack "Replace-A-Cell" (cat. no. 23-191) batteries are said to work well as replacements.

HP82090B (Europe, 220V) : Open Circuit Voltage = 10.26V, R(int) = 14.34 Ohms

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