Who is Dr. Robert J. Glaser?


In my hand I have a HP-35 Red Dot, that has the label "DR. ROBERT J.GLASER" instead of the common "HEWLETT*PACKARD".

Since my last meeting here in Allschwil I have new knowledge. There must have been three typs of Red Dots. The first was the common serie, the second was made for a (unknown to me) company (maybe they have a sign?) and third there was a release for special people that helped developing the HP-35. These units were produced for the 5th anniversary of the HP-35. I think, these units were labeled individualy for the customers. So, Robert J. Glaser must be on of the developer of the HP-35. Does someone of you knows more about this person or the three typs of Red Dots?




Is this perhaps the answer on my question?





I have a HP80 where the frontlabel is only indicating on the leftside the HP logo and were normally Hwelett Packard HP80 is, there is the name Don Gardner.

The case has a transparant backside.
My guess is that it was a Sales/Demo machine.



Hm. Your first reference notes that he was a director at HP at one point, so I'd say the chances are that the calc at one point was his.

I have a vague memory of early HPs being available with the names of HP people on the label.

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