Help for a friend with a HP 48 Gii


While I am not a RPL or 48-any fan (I admit I have a 48 G+ just for the fact of owning it); I am looking for help or counsel for a friend who bought a 48 Gii, S/N CN407......

The calculator worked OK for some time, but then the batteries drained out. Now the calculator refuses to start working again with new batteries, even after a hardware reset via the recessed button in the unit's back.

If I recall correctly, there was a firmware bug which made the first-batch Gii power hungry and, as this model has no flash memory, little can be done short of a warranty exchange. The S/N suggests this may be one of such early units...

Despite such non-encouraging facts, there may be some way to make it work again, even with short battery life...

Suggestions? Thank you in advance.


I suggest you return the calculator to HP and get a replacement. The second option is to take at least one battery out after you turn it off. This way your batteries won't drain.


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