member of hpmuseum?


Is coburlin (ebay name) a member of hpmuseum? Maybe he´s the supplier of the hp material to hpmuseum?


I strongly doubt that Dave would have anything to do with that person. I you watched his ebay behavior you see that he is bidding on pretty much everything related to HP calcs (and who knows what else under different ID) and reseling it at 10x the price. Not a bad way to make a buck but it certainly doesn't get you any points among people on this forum.



And not only that; THE BASTARD OUTBID ME once. I hope he burns in hell.



Dennis, I cannot resist to say that I always enjoy your highly emotional comments, especially the ones related to eBay.



Thanks Nenad. Me too. And while i don't actually remember if he ever really did outbid me; as a good ebayer i thought i'd call on the deity for a preemptive strike. ;-)

Say hi to Muyo and Hasso for me.

Edited: 5 Dec 2004, 3:52 p.m.


He is offering items at 10x prices but not selling too many of them! eBay is the one who is making a killing off this guy from insertion fees.

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