HP82713A - What's is this for ?


I was given a HP82713A HP-75 Plug-in Module Simulator today and I wonder what is the purpose of it. I checked for the manual in Museum disks, but I coudn't find anything. I don't even know what calculator it might operate with. Any clues ?



Well, as the name suggests, the HP-75 Plug-in Module Simulator simulates plug-in modules for the HP-75 and therefore operates with the HP-75 - which is not exactly a calculator, but rather a handheld computer that some people use as a calculator.

The Simulator (PMS) allows (allowed?) developers to test programs being developed for plug-in modules before the final version was written and actually put into a module. A second use of the PMS was to provide an HP-75 with extra program memory, even if the program was being written for use by only one person or organisation, not for putting in a real module.


It also has significant value. It was originally sold for $500. Given some of today's Ebay prices, it might fetch that today. Also note that it uses an internal battery that would need replacement by now. The original documentation stated that only HP should change it. You can change it yourself, but it is not convenient, and you must take static precautions.


In the folder called 1984 Custom Products from Hewlett-Packard on page 14 the module is fully described.

If you leave me your email adress I can it scanned to you.

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