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Does somebody know how I can have my 12C cleaned up? The LCD has some dust inside, and would like to have it cleaned. Please share the info! Greetings,


I have the same problem with a 32s that I'd like to clean up. Happy Holidays!


I am also in the list....i have a 11c which has the same problem...


I can't tell you how to clean it up, but will suggest that for preventative maintenance (or actually just handling) after the clean-up or for other units, when you lay it down on the desk between uses, just put it face down on its soft case to keep the dust from entering the unit through the keyboard. I've always done this since my 41 and 71 were new, and have no dust in the display areas or around the keys. If you do see some dust around the keys, hold the unit up side down and use something like a small, soft, clean paint brush to get it out before it works its way to the calc's innards.


Dust enters a Voyager around the seams in the case halves, not the keyboard which is sealed with a rubber gasket.

Using a very small flat screwdriver, lift the four rubber feet off the bottom. Remove the four screws (probably #0 Phillips but may be torx T6) and lift the case back off. Remove the two very small ESD springs from the top left and bottom right sides, they are inside a small molded tube. The longer one lives next to the battery holder.

You'll see one of two version units. The early units have the logic module encased in black plastic anti-static film. The later units present a bare pc board. The early units can be disassembled a bit further by removing the logic module and you'll have access to the window and lcd to clean with canned air and some glass cleaner. Don't rub hard on the lcd, the polarizer is soft and scratches easily.

The later one board models - are tougher. You can blast with canned air around the lcd to remove dirt specs. If you have any stubborn specs, use a strip of coated slippery paper (the backing paper from a label works well) to slide down from the top and dislodge the stubborn bits. Again, the polarizer is soft so be careful.

Once clean, pop the springs back in, cover on and stick the feet back on. Should be good for another 20 years.

Pioneers with that nasty lcd cover - shoot the canned air in the side seams of the case. You can also try in the battery compartment directed down the two metal contacts as the case is open to the lcd in that area. With patience, you can slip a piece of coated paper in from the side if you have nasty hangers on.

The final solution: several cycles through an ultrasonic cleaner takes care of all dirt if you have one handy.



You mention a sonic cleaner. Do you mean emerge to total, not taken apart, machine in the cleaning fluid ?

What fluid do you use, demineralised water or also some additions to it ?

Thank you



It is best to clean Voyagers with the back off.

Pioneers and 48's clean up fine with the battery doors off but take a bit longer to dry since it is harder to get all the water out once clean.

I use a mild citric cleaner made by the u/s manufacturer followed by a rinse in distilled water.


Hi Randy,

One more question to set my mind at ease cleaning when needed: The LCD display was in the macine when you cleaned it, no problems with fluid leaking in the display itself ?

Thank you



Let's just say that if the display is intact, you should have no problems.

If it shows any sign of black spots, rainbow effects or has had lots of rough treatment, you may rupture the display.


Thank you,

I will give my HP15C a carefull "swimming lesson".


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