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To Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz

This way just to be quick. Pls, look at


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Thanks - but I'm not sure Dave will approve of this use of the Forum. Anyway, the meeting of HP enthusiasts in Allschwil was excellent - a pity more people from around Europe did not come! After all, people from all round the US, and beyond, come to the annual HHC meetings. Just a reminder that Chicago, next September, will be the next one, in case anyone wants to start making plans to come!


Dear Wlodek,
Indeed, what a pity for me...
A family reason and meeting you and the others would have been a pleasure.



Dear Sir, most repected Esquire,

I re-read the terms of use and could not find a violation of the rules. Anyway I changed the immediate pop-up of the photo to a link where you may find it (what makes not realy a difference from my point of view).

The Allschwil meeting showed again that there still are enthusiasts, and for several reasons not all could join. It does not help that I too feel sad about that. But Chicago is waaaaay too far away for me as hobbyist.



Thanks for the follow-ups on this. It is unavoidable that some people can not come - but a pity just the same. Thanks to everyone who did come and made it so interesting - some fascinating new hardware was shown - and some of us hobbyists spend masses of money on adding to their collections - while others spend money on travelling to meetings. Chacun a son gout!


Quite possible that next year I will have no spare cash for both, neither collecting nor meetings. Anybody here who needs a "Big Blue"-dinosaur who did an HP-41-emulator on VM/ESA with FORTRAN, REXX, PIPEing?


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