My best greetings to all participants of the Allschwil meeting!


Hopefully another year I can make it there... and please, do not forget to post pictures and reports from the meeting :-)



Theanks for your works. We had a very long meeting (nearly 15 hours), but it was really great. I hope to see you all here in Switzerland next year!

But now, I´m terrible tired and must go to bed.... good night world, long lives the HP calculators


It was a very interesting meeting: my high esteem for the high level hard ware projects! In your boldest dream, could you imagine an HP-41 connected to USB?!!



Hi mike und das bild geht immer noch nicht weg!!!!!!

Yes the picture caches the text...a Joke mike knows it
and if we try to make an USB on an older computer
80 plus hp ib and some hard and soft in c with a bit
unix?????it s only an old idea cra;;;the m;;;;;
I have done it with an HP printer .I talked about it
with minder kuipers at allschwill forum.
You remenber the translation with your 200 lx?
You have still my LPT file (NOT a printer driver!!!! on DOS)
OK I m looking for to buy a 95 100 or 200 lx
Thank for help
Plus serial normalized!!!!cable.
Many thanks

Chris E S Tchuss Mike


Hi Chris!

Its not a photo, its a screen shot and even if it does look like a Windoze program window it is *not* functional.


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