HP-41cv PPC Rom?


I've got an HP-41CV and several of the plug in modules. Most are fairly worthless, but I haven't been able to find out much about the PPC ROMs. These apparently have had a lot of work put into them by a number of people in a community effort. And there must be lotsa routines given the size of the manuals!

Anyway, I've got 2 PPC ROMs and 3 manuals (1 bound, 2 unbound). Are these worth putting up on ebay, or are they of as little value as time and memory modules?

Thanks, Derek


Yes, the PPC ROM is a valuable collector's item. They often sell for as much as an 41CV or 41CX calculator!



Go ahead with ebay. I may be interested.
Thanks, Mark


I sold mine ($199.95) last week on ebay:
Good luck !


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