Ebay item # 5733875807 : CCD Module for HP-41C/CV/CX


I'm new on ebay and in HP calculator collection.I'm wondering what is the real price of a CCD Modul.


We exchanged some opinions about this some days back...
But you're lucky: that same module had a Buy It Now! price of $499.95 just a week ago; this week it was lowered to $199.95
Real price? You decide.



I didn't see buy-now for $200 on this auction. That ($200) for CCD module would be a very good price, especially since Emanuel is including the documentation and overlay. This is a collector's item and in last couple of years I have seen only one on eBay where seller was not aware of what is he selling (it was a part of a calculator lot). I think that the biggest determent is that he (Emanuel) doesn't accept PayPal, BidPay or money orders. Sending that much cash in an envelope makes most people a bit nervous and direct wire transfers are quite pricy.

So if you are collecting HP-41 related items this one is a must-have module. If you are looking just to use it, one of Diego's modules is much better and more economic solution.

My $200E-4 worth.


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