HP49g+ and SD/USB file storing


Does anyone know if the HP 49g+ be used like a USB stick to store any type of files on the SD card and then transferred to other computers?


the files have to go through the calc, there is not direct connection to the SD card.
The calc OS at the moment, and I guess for ever, limits the size of files to 128k.

So yes you can, and I do. But it is only for very small files. I usually carry a small USB SD card reader with my 49g+



Besides the file size limitations, when the calculator receives a file without a valid transfer header, it stores it as a character string. That is, it prepends the 5-nibble prologue for a character string object, followed by the 5-nibble length field, so now you have 5 extra bytes at the beginning of the file.

When the 49g+ stores anything on the SD card, it stores it as a binary transferred file. That is, it prepends an 8-byte binary transfer header HPHP49-X, which is followed by the compiled object itself, starting with it's prologue. Of course, if it's moved back to the 49g+'s memory, the header is discarded. But if you put the card in a PC's card reader, you now have 13 extra bytes at the beginning of the file.

So the 49g+ and its SD card can be used to store arbitrary files of limited size with minor modifications, but it may well make more sense to simply use a USB stick.


I think the 128K limit is only port 1/2. I've stored 220K files from main RAM into SD without problem.

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