CCD OS-Extensions: how to toggle Alpha mode



Diego Diaz (thanks!) just sent me my new Clonix41 and NoVRAM modules preprogrammed with (among others) the CCD-OS-Extensions. I'd like to toggle Alpha mode but I can't enter the "TLC" program because PEEKB/POKEB isn't included in the CCD short version. Are there any other options or do I need to install the modified or original CCD ROM instead?



I have never used or needed PEEKB or POKEB,

and there wasn't room to include these functions

in the single page version of the CCD OS/X.

You should be able to toggle the appriorate bit

using some synthetic instructions, or you could write

a *very* small ML program to do the toggle.

If I find some free minutes these days,

maybe I'll add a function like TLC to the CCD OS/X...

However, the planned bank switched version of the

CCD OS/X will include most of the CCD module functionality

except the matrix stuff, and things like PPLNG...



How will bank-switched versions of roms work in the novram module?

I'd love to have a bank switched version of some roms to use with the module. The sandbox rom would be great that way. :-)



the NoVRAM supports different kinds of bank switching,

the HEPAX, the Advantage ROM, and the 41CX OS are examples.

The aboves use the same principal mechanism.

where the HEPAX is the only one so far using all possible four banks,

and another unique feature, it's auto-configuration.

The planned CCD OS/X will use a compatible mechanism,

thus needing only one ROM ID number.

A bank switched combined Extended IO and Extended IL ROM

is in the pipeline, too, but this will happen after the CCD OS/X...



Here's an mcode program that toggles the alpha mode:

F1E6 083 "C"
F1E7 00C "L"
F1E8 014 "T"
F1E9 378 READ 13(c)
F1EA 27C RCR 9
F1EC 00C ?FSET 3
F1ED 01B JNC F1F0 +03
F1EE 004 CLRF 3
F1EF 013 JNC F1F1 +02
F1F0 008 SETF 3
F1F1 3D8 C<>ST XP
F1F2 0BC RCR 5
F1F3 368 WRIT 13(c)
F1F4 3E0 RTN

I just copied the code from a module that I programmed in the late 80's. Hope you can use it.


Thanks. That will be my very first M code program. NoVRAM with HEPAX ROM will help me to enter it into my calculator.



you could also use David-Assembler to enter the code.

DA is *MUCH* nicer than the HEPAX built-in HEX editor...



Interesting info! But since the hex code is given in the "TLC" example, HEPAX might be ok for this tiny program. For further playing around I'm going to load David Assembler in my NoVRAM. But that'l take some more time...

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