Public Thanx, Mathias


I just wanted to publicly thank Mathias (HP Collection) for not bidding up the price on ebay for the -172 HP-41 Overlays. I had been watching for these over a year, and had just about given up on seeing them offered. I bought them for $2.00 under my max bid. These will be used for programs, NOT a collection.

Again, thanx. I do appreciate it.



Hi Donald

This is my service your you. Sorry for the high price ;), but I was looking for that item also (to be correct: I only need the plastic bag, so if you want to sell it to me you can save a lot of money. Just let me know).



It's yours. Let me know where to send it. Anything you want to give for shipping etc. is fine. E-mail me at '' with the info. The packaging is of no value to me - just the overlays. I can put them in any similar sized zip-lock bag and will be just as happy.



I have more than a dozen HP-41 overlays.

I will X<>Y them for a working HP-15C.



Me too !

I will exchange them for a working Hp-27A (Please note the "A")

Thanks anybody!



And I will trade them for a HP-95A !!!
No, I do not want the overlays, only the plastic bag...


I see if I have a plastic bag.

Any URL to a photo showing what kind of bag are you talking about?



Well I just might send them to the needing person

How many you really need?

Maybe just one and then make copies of it?

I could mail you one. Send me e-mail.

Could anyone just donate a working HP-15C to me?

Logo is not needed. Scratches on the shell is ok.


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