HP 71B-CMT 128K Module: which ports?



I recently found a CMT 128K RAM module for the card reader port my 71B. Can someone tell me how it is organized and which port numbers are occupied by the module and can therefore be freed with FREEPORT?



Card reader port is port 5, so you'll have 5.00 for the first 32KB, 5.01 for the next 32KB, then 5.02, and 5.03.

I got the same thing in 96KB. At the time, they were available up to 160KB, but memory was very expensive back then, and I had set a budget, and bought the biggest one it would allow for. Later I was able to get another 64KB for a front port. There was also a service that would hard-wire in 256KB if you'd send them the computer, so you could still have all your ports available for other uses.


Thanks, I freed two ports (5.03 & 5.02)

Now I have to organize my files (to be honest, it's just one file for now but I want to see that changed...)

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