"Cheap" HP 32SII



Interested in the buy of the month, see: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=58039&item=5733118848&rd=1

It is with free shipping.



I believe he forgot to divide that number by 10!


Maybe he was using an HP33s (with it's tiny decimal) to calculate the selling price. LCD must have looked like 999.



I honestly feel that the oldies are the best, so back to the classics and voyagers, saves some embaresments.

However I will take your avise and give a 33 to my manager when the annual salary review is up......




I like your idea about putting the 33s into good use (at job review times). That makes the 33s a winner!


The dollar rates rather low against the euro lately, but not that low, does it?


Well nobody bid on it. I have one of those 32SII also in perfect condition and with manual. I guess I can just keep the manual but I wonder what name he engraved on the back of the calc to make it's so valuable?


"Bill Hewlett" ?


John Wilkes Booth?

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