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It's a scary world out there. During a recent Google search for "HP-35" I ran across the following gems. This esteemed group needs no help figuring these out, but comment I must.

*** Paraphrased: "I bought my HP-35 when it first came out in 1972 for $150." [Must have been stolen.]
*** Paraphrased: "The HP-35 was the world's first programmable calculator. I spent countless hours programming my HP-35." [Mine must be defective.]
*** A direct quote from "Calculators that use Direct Algebraic Logic are favored by most scientists and engineers over the more common Reverse Polish Notation type of calculator." [(1) At least the smart scientists and engineers still favor RPN. (2) Did HP really produce enough HP-41s, HP-32SIIs, and HP48s to overtake all the $1.98 algebraic logic masterpieces at the grocery store?]



Hi, Fred;

Wow! Where did these guys find the HP35 (supposedly new) in 1972 for US$150.00 (it was introduced for almost $400,00 in the same year)? And where did they find the PRGM/RUN switch in the HP35? Now let me know where in the planet is RPN so common that the (?) Direct Algebraic Logic (DAL?) is something to be "favored" instead of simply used?

Precious gems!!!! Thanks.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 19 Nov 2004, 2:51 p.m.


Fearing that my 48G was too bulky to use everyday at one time, and taking my 32SII out of the house was simply out of the question, I picked up one of those grocery store algebraic scientific specials.

It would have been slightly tolerable if I didn't have to resolder the lead from the circuit board to the LCD to get my display back. It hasn't been used in a long time.


"I picked up one of those grocery store algebraic scientific specials. It would have been slightly tolerable if I didn't have to resolder the lead from the circuit board to the LCD"

Why not spend a little more and get a great value sci. calc like a Casio fx-115MS for rough use?

interesting calc you got - I would have thot that 100% of calcs (esp cheap calcs) in the past decade uses film/ribbon cable btwn LCD and main board, and can't be solder easily.


Mr. Khor, this calculator is sold under the "Sentry" brand name and has a simple LCD display that is TILTABLE! there are two simple wires leading to the tilting display section from the body of the calculator. I guess I tilted it one too many times and one day, the fatiguing just broke the solder!

I don't know what I was thinking, except that I did not want to carry my 32SII when I bought that calculator... at the time HP had not come out with the 33S, (I now use for work a combination of the 33S and 48G, the latter for use a very handy portable data storage device, especially with the software I put on it [not much, as I leave the 48G+ home]). I do have a Casio, the fx-4200p, a nice machine, and quite powerful with a very nice display, but I have, like most of you, an overweening fondness for RPN.


Thanks for the info; haven't seen that calc (yet). fwiw, fortunately for me, my needs for a work calc during the past couple of years has drifted towards financial aspects, with the 17/19bii being my usual calcs these days (if not a PDA, but where the fun in those ;) ). 42S, 15C, and the others sit nicely on display for a well deserved retirement. The Casio's nice to have one to throw in the car, etc.


Although I have a variety of HP's (mostly too valuable to carry), I carry 48GX's when I am doing regular work.

...However, I carry a $7 TI36X Solar calculator in my portfolio for casual use. It has been dropped about 1000 times and I don't mind loaning it to others in meetings. Besides, I bought a pile of them at that price. If it happens to break, I will just throw it as far as I can and pop open a new one. (It's going on 2 years now) I give them to the kids when they forget their calcs at school. It is tough, cheap, capable, and works everytime. You can't ask for more than that.

I am a die-hard HP fan, but since they took away the 42S and the 48G series, they have not given me much to cheer about. JMHO.


Reading this thread reminded me of my first HP calc I purchased in 1978, a 25C (which I still have and it works beaufifuly). I bought it through an ad in "Scientific American", but I can't remember what I paid for it.

Can someone remember what they were going for mail-order?


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