Meeting Allschwil 2004


This is the last chance to let me know if you want to attend to our European meeting on the 27th november in Allschwil, Switzerland. The following people will also attend:

• Matthias Wehrli (CH)
• Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz (UK)
• Raymond del Tondo (GER)
• Christoph Klug (GER)
• Christoph Giesselink (GER)
• Meindert Kuipers (NL)
• Jean-Francois Garnier (F)

Please let me know immediatly if you want to join us!



Yep - me!!!


Supplement: If there are 10...15 minutes in the agenda I may show my HP-41 (or "Coconut") emulator NutEm running on a emulated IBM mainframe.

Edited: 19 Nov 2004, 7:49 a.m.


Hi Mike

Sorry, I must have forgotten you.
I will be attend to your workshop personaly! I was waiting for your solution for a long time.... *lechts*


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