HP: Thank's for the HP-49G+


It seems that i finaly have a decent manual now for my HP-49G, freely downloadeble and in my own language.
Is'nt that great?


Yes, trying to operate something as complex as a 49G+ without the manual is... not easy.

(In America decades ago, there was a television show about a human given superhuman powers by some alien... and a manual, which, being human, he promptly lost. The show was quite funny!)


off topic: Wasn't the main theme the song "Believe it or not"?

Back to topic: I was reading the English version of the HP49G+ manual and it seems that this time there is no specific preference for showing the calculator usage in RPN or algebraic mode. At least almost all examples I mannaged to read where like this.

In time: mine came with a (standard?) CD-ROM with many manuals already available. Erwin, do you have the CD as well? If so, did you mannage to download a different manual, I mean, one that is available only for downloading? I'm curious, now, because I thought all of the available manuals were on the CD. Had HP updated the site? I know it''s a matter of checking myself, but I'm just curious.


Luiz (Brazil)


Hello Luiz and other readers,

I brought some confusion here, i think.

My posting said:
HP: Thank's for the HP-49G+

Posted by Erwin on 17 Nov 2004, 3:14 p.m.

It seems that i finaly have a decent manual now for my HP-49G, freely downloadeble and in my own language. Is'nt that great?

What did i mean by this?

Well, i do not own a HP-49G+, but i do have a HP-49G ( the metallic blue one, with the rubber key's... etc ). The 49G came with a terribly bad manual. I had to buy a HP-48G to get some sort of manual for my newly bought 49G.
With the introduction of the 49G+ came a fairly good manual for it. And being curious about the 49G+, i downloaded it's manual from the HP side, to see what this new machine was all about. Only to find out that it is in fact a 49G, only a lot faster!

You get the picture now? :-)

One thing though, maby you can anwser this. HP claims in an article on there webside that the HP-49G+ is much more robust then the 49G. Is this true? Is the 49G+ a more quality product, in terms of casing; keyboard etc , then the 49G was? Is it as robust as the 48 series was?

Kind regards, Erwin


Wish I could say it had the same keyboard as the 48G series. It has a similiar look and feel to the 48G, unfortunately, it isn't nearly as reliable. But the keys AINT rubber and it is faster. The keyboard feels very much like a 48G series except a bit louder and a more pronounce click (which and here is the flaw, only provides a click, the actual keystroke registration is just below the click). What this means is Hp provided a keyclick to mimic the older line of Hp's without providing an equal keyboard.

New user's just press all the way down, but diehards, such as ourselves expect the keyclick to be an key entry. And that is the way it should be, but argue that with someone who is simply making as cheap a replica of the original and marketing at $150 a copy (the original price of the Hp48S/G series was $2-300, depending on whether you bought a S/G or SX/GX). For the $$$ it is a phenominal calculator, but I would have considered it a great calculator if it had the pioneer type keyboard (with a better connection to the PCB of course).


Hi Erwin, Ron;

I agree with Ron's point of view and considerations. I'd not try adding/removing/changing anything on the subjects Ron mentioned.

About what the HP49G+ can do when comparing to the HP49G. Well, I'd say that based on both HP49G's models, having an upgradable O.S. leads to whatever improvement being made whenever available, agree? So, we may have upgraded O.S. in any or both that has extra functionality, and that would lead to some differences.

What I mostly like in the HP49G+ are the updated I/O capabilities: bidirectional IR is back, USB instead of RS232 (I'd try having both, but...) and expandability 'thru' SD cards (mine has a 256MB RAM card... I still figure what to do with such an amount of RAM).

Well, now it is up to make a choice... without the need of getting into the Matrix (kidding...). I still keep my two HP49G (one is almost for running Hrast's HP41 emulator... it's worth having an HP49G for this sole purpose, right?), and I'm having good moments with the HP49G+. Oh, yes, sometimes one or another key fails.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 18 Nov 2004, 12:29 p.m.


Well, about the missed keypresses in the 49G+, at least one poster has figured out that this is due not so much to an improperly registering key, but a processing delay, due to "garbage collection" in the background. This apparently takes up quite a bit of the system memory (temporarily) and so when it occurs, it delays EVERYTHING, including and most notably, keypresses.


As I remember well, the HP-49G had the same problem in the beginning with ROM 1.10. So, it's probebly time for a ROM upgrade for the 49G+ ?


Currently, the 49G+, is up to ROM version 1.23, I think, and this is fairly recent. I think we may have to wait a little while more for an update.


Oh, and believe it or not, HP has released in this past many months a whole slew of RPN machines!!

Believe it or not, I'm walking on air!


Last month I bought an HP49G+ and all was Ok ( except for the keyboard, that is not sensitive ). I check the HP-PC connection an was working OK. Last week, whwn I try to connect it to PC ( using the usb cable ) in xmodem server, the HP display Sending $$$t and the the calculator frezze, I need to take away the batteries. Can any body help me ??

Homer, Mexico


Are you using the current build of Conn4x? it's available here.



Hi James,

I'm using the Conn4x ( version 2.1 build 1689 ). I dont know if is the earlier version, but let me try with version
you told me.

Thank you.

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