Another 75C question


I have a not-so-nice 75D and inside the battery compartment there is a module named Backup Module (I think that's what it was called). It plugs into the 75 circuit board in the battery compartment.

Anyway, what is that module for? How is it used? What's in it? Can it be used in my nicer 75C?



Hey Mike;
I got a 75d on eBay and it came with the infamous "pod"... the first task was figuring out how to remove it. I just wanted the "naked" 75d.

But, yes, in the battery compartment of my 75d, is a little cartridge that you can only access THROUGH the battery compartment, and only if you push down the battery contact-springs. But mine has engraved on it "8K Memory module".

I don't know WHAT all HP might have made for that particular cartridge slot. It may be that a "Backup Module" is a neat little unique accessory (maybe a special ROM?) you have as a bonus. If you find out what exactly it is, let us know.


Yep! I took about every screw out of the "pod" before I realized that I just had to remove the end 3:-) Pays to look first, I guess.

I guess I really need the CD set to figure out how to use this thing. I got another 75C today. It's mint (the 75 I mean; not a scratch on it). Has a very nice hard leather case too. I took a chance when the seller did not know if it worked. It works 100%.

I had a 75 when they first came out but I don't remember much about how they worked.

The "pod" was one that had AT&T on it instead of the HP label. That sucks. So did the 75D but that paper label came off. The backup module might be some sort of non-volatile memory or just a ROM with some backup s/w maybe; who knows. Might have a battery don't know. The 75 and pod only cost $18 so I guess I can't complain.

I wish there was a command to dump everything known about the 75. Seems like some sort of catalog of all available commands known would be nice. I'd like to know what commands access the "Backup" or whatever that is.

I'll let you know if I figure it out.

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