HP-41 viewscreen?


Hi, i'm a teacher and i'm looking for something that can let my students view what i'm doing on my claculator when i push buttons on it!

Like a "viewscreen" that connect on the calculator and project on a TV or a retroprojector.

Or is there another calculator (not a graphing one) that can do the same thing to teach them RPN.





you could use an HP-41 emulator for Windows,

like V41, which is available on TOS.

This way, you'd only have to beam your Windows desktop

onto the wall with a projector.



As an educator, you can get emulators for your PC for the 33S and the 49g+ from HP. Emu48, emulating the HP48 family is freely available at hpcalc.org. Emu42, emulating the 42S, 17BII and others is freely available, but you need rom images to run them. If you have a 42S or 17BII and a 48G+ or GX, the rom dumping procedure is not too difficult. There is also Free42, a very nice simulation of the 42S. Any of these options would allow you to do as Raymond suggests, just project your PC screen to teach your students RPN.


If it's for teaching RPN there exists a RPN-Demo.EXE somewhere that runs on DOS (even on a HP200LX), I have to dig it out again (Tony, are you faster than me?). If any RPN calculator is OK there are several emulator and simulators (I do list them here, if I forget one the author may be upset.)



Oops, seems I've put my append in the wrong thread, so pls see http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/forum.cgi?read=65879



HP made a video interface for the HP41. It was driven off the HP-IL module. Check the HP41 accessories list on this web site.


There are also very good emulators of the HP 12C and the 10C available from Rick Lira's web page.

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There was at least one third party item (maybe by Mountain Computer or Southern Software?) that was sold by Educalc which connected a 41 to a PC to allowuse of the screen, disk drive, printer etc. I don't know about the ability to project the image from there.



I think you mean something like an HPIL-PC card for the ISA slot,

along with software like HPILLink or TRANS41.

The card was available from at least three producers,

namely , InterLoop, and Christoph Klug.

AFAIK the software mentioned above only outputs results,

and does not directly visualize key strokes.


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