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Well, it happened. My 32sii finally died. I am getting a replacement (well it will be loaned to me for the next 7 months of school). At first it just froze, and so I used the dime trick to fix it. That worked for about 5 minutes. It froze again. It sporadically works and doesnt work. I used it today for a few minutes and when I pressed the 4, I would get a "46." When I pressed the second button, sometimes I would get ->DEG.

This leads me to believe that it is a problem with the keyboard. I know it is possible to open it up and possibly resolder the contacts or something of the sort. Does anyone know of an article which explains this process?

I am currently using my 33s, which isn't all that bad.



Hi, Ben;

I guess these images might help you somehow; at least it seems to me you did not open your HP32SII so far, did you? I'm almost sure that there is an article about how to open Pioneers, but I did not find it... Sorry.

These are the images:

After opening (Click to enlarge)

After removing the MBoard (Click to enlarge)
(Obs: it's necessary to GENTLY, CAREFULY 'untwist' the six metal tabs in order to preserve them for 'twisting' back to place when rebuilding the calculator).

I'd resolder all main IC's and components terminals prior to rebuild the calculator. Sometimes, as you probably know, you do not see a cold soldering in order to identify which terminal do solder, so I always solder them all.

Please, let us know if you succeed or if you need extra advice.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

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did you read this?: http://www.hpmuseum.org/guest/brogpion.htm

I recently posted about a keyboard prob with my 32s, and the solution was to take the metal faceplate and the back cover off, and reattach the 2 teeth that hold the front cover to the metal inner chassis just below the lcd. These 2 teeth provide the pressure necessary to hold the keyboard flexible connector to the main circuitboard. When the 2 teeth let go from the metal subframe, the keyboard flexi circuit had a poor connection unless the calculator was pushed together in the middle. Maybe the 32sii is built differently tho.
oh, did you try changing the batteries?
Hope this helps.



Thank you for the suggestions. Once I get some free time (hahaha... between school and college apps, that doesnt exist... it does help that we just finished our renaissance festival on Friday... http://www.valleystar.com/localnews_more.php?id=55618_0_19_0_C ... it went quite well).

Hopefully I will work on this next weekend, or over Thanksgiving break.

-Ben Salinas

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