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i have a program writen for hp 32sii and i want to run it on a hp 42s. i typed it into the 42s. but it doesnt work. are there any operations on hp 32sii that works differetly on a hp 42s? is it true that of the hp 32sii is supposed to be simpler, all fuctions on a hp 32sii should be available on a hp 42s?

- LH Chan


are there any operations on hp 32sii that works differetly on a hp 42s?

I question how much you know about the 42S. Its programming paradigm is basically that of the 41C/CV/CX, which means, for example, that labels can be internal or external, "END" statements are the dividers between programs. There might be a problem with your entry f the single-letter labels you carried over from the 32SII program. Single-letter variable names must be delimited by double quotes on the 42S.

Complex numbers are completely different on the 42S, and some function names are probably different.

I would advise that you fully understand the 32SII program, then obtain a manual for the 42S to figure out what its "rules" and conventions are. Blindly copying the listing of one calc's program into another calc using a different paradigm isn't likely to work.

-- KS


You could post the program here to let someone convert it for you - im pretty shure someone will. Comparing is an easy way to learn the differences - provided that you to know what your programm on the 32SII does ;-)


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