HP 41C Batteries


I need a new/replacement rechargeable battery pack for my 41C. Does anyone know of a source and what I should expect to pay?


I saw it last week. About $30 if you send your old 41c rechargeable battery pack to him. He then sends you a new one.

Search there.

Other possibilities: Buy n-size nicads from www.thenicadlady.com - these are about $1.50 each. If you have a charger that charges n-size, that's the best deal.




Note: I have not bought from this individual. I have no connection with them at all. All I know is what he says on this sale page. He does have a +144 feedback rating with 0 negatives, so he's obviously concluded quite a few good transactions.

He doesn't list any of these for sale right now, but an email to him would find out if he will be doing so in the future.

FYI. Gene


On the cheap, re-building a pack yourself isn't all that difficult either. You might look around locally to see if you have a battery supply store that has an impact welder to weld tabs, cost might be very reasonable (couple of bucks). fwiw I solder packs for my other 'hobby' (electric R/C planes), re-built several of my HP packs and haven't had any problems with leaks.

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