HP-75 Card Reader Commands


I guess I need a couple more instructions before my CD comes.

What are the commands to read and write to a mag card?

Also, are there a few programs around somewhere that demonstrate using the periperials, like the card reader, expansion pod.

I have the basic commands but nothing that shows these.



The COPY command allow you to copy the programs from the magnetic cards to the HP-75. The correct use for that command is:

COPY CARD TO 'the name of the program you want to copy'

the response of the 75 is:

Copy from card: Align & [RTN]

Now press the RTN key and the 75 says:

Pull card...

Now you have to pull the card not too fast and not too slow.
If you want to copy a program from the 75 to the card this is the command:

COPY 'name of the file' TO CARD

then press RTN and pull the card...

Hope all that help you.

Best Regards.


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