eBay, where else?



I have two or three of them, BTW, anyone interested? ;-)
Just kidding...



I was shaking my head too when I saw how expensive that 34C went for!!!!



May be an HP-34CX...


When I fried my HP25, I went out and bought the 34C as a replacement. It was cheaper ($150) and had a whole lot more features and capabilities than the 25. After playing with it for a week, I got bored so I returned it and bought the 41C. What if I didn't return the thing and got the 41C???
Well I would be missing out so much fun using the 41's..


Well, Emmanuel, you're not cheap either... ;-)



Massimo. As you have seen, Daniel´s Clonix with a CCD module inside and the original foldered manual reaches more than $400 (or were it Euro?). I would also say that a original module increases the value. I also have a W&W CDD module for sale and I also take arround the same price.


Matthias: one's madness doesn't have to set a new standard price for an item or, else, we should all buy boxes for hundreds of dollars (sorry).

With Clonix and NoVRAM there's no point in buying an HP-41's module for such a price, even if in NIB condition.

My .001¢



It is true that nearly all of us have bought fantastic items for nothing and sold tehm on ebay a good item that reached sky high prices.

I would not blame anyone for that, because I know that we'll use this money to purchase ohter items to update or improve our collections.

If there are people wealthy enough to pay top dollars for certain items, why blame them ? I know that this pollutes the market, as everybody tend to think that because it's written HP on it, it's worth hundreds of greens, but there's more than ebay to get beautiful calcs, and frankly speaking, the best out of them are not on ebay (excepted the ones I sell ;-) )


Hi Thibaut,
sorry but I didn't blame anybody: everyone can make what he/she wants with that hardly earned money.
I simply don't like the equation "I saw it for +++$, so this is its true value" because I could reply with "well, I could find it for --$, so this is its real price".

Sorry if I offended someone, it was not my intention.



But it is also the demand that can control the offer. I agree with Thibaut. We all sell items for higher price than we get them, otherwise it´s not economical. What is wrong selling an item for the highest offered price? This is also what auctions are for.
I can also agree to you Massimo, that for 90% of all HP enthusiast a Clonix has the same worth like the original, maybe more cause it is free programmable and has more memory. But there is also a small core of collectors and for them, a Clonix is only worth the material.
as you know, I sometimes pay very high prices for items, so I may also aks for it. This is hard sometimes, when I see that people bid on items up to a high price (for instance a HP-41 module9 and when I get the advice they ask me for a copy of the module for free. What would you do in this case?


Hi Massimo,

No offense at all, I just wanted to point out that it could happen to everybody amongst us to buy or sell top dollars item.

And I totally agree with you, ebay is NOT a place to determinate a market price. It has been debated in the past, my position was that we are on a pseudo-oligopoly, with a few sellers and many buyers, hence price raise, which becomes psychologically more acceptable due to the fact that you only have to bid 2.5$ more than highest bidder to win.


Dear Massimo,
I was just joking and you did not offense me.
Your point of view is really interessant and I respect it.
I'm not collecting HP items, just using them for my activities.
I'm astronomer amateur and HP-41 is a useful calc'.
Clonix41 and Novram effectively replace my old RAM and EPROM boxes.
I worked a lot on / with them.
I always have my Zenrom, my MLDL and my ERAMCO Rambox for example.
Certainly the last things I will come apart because I still 'love' them and taste original things.
Why then using HP-41s when you have powerful emulators on PC?
Would you like at home a copy of a book written by Baudelaire for instance,
on a CDR (pdf format) or just paper, divx copy of The Party with Peter Sellers,
or a MP3 copy of your favourite music band?
I'm not a merchant but Ebay is made for selling and buying.
It's not a secret, I need money in order to buy interesting items.
Our 'Classified ads' for more things, trading included.
To be continued ...

Edited: 12 Nov 2004, 3:58 p.m.

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