Imaginary numbers in 33S equation mode


Hi. I'm trying to put an equation in my 33S involving complex numbers, but there's no apparent way to enter i. For example, how would I enter the equation y=x+i in my 33S (i being the unit imaginary)? Thanks


The 33 uses the expression Z=X+Yi for complex numbers. Like you I could not use the CMPX function in an equation.
It did work when I wrote a program however.

From the learning module on Complex numbers the following example is given:

The answer is 0.125 + 0.625i.

Programming the 33S as follows

C001 LBL C

C002 RCL A

C003 Enter

C004 RCL B

C005 Enter

C006 RCL C

C007 Enter

C008 RCL D


Store 3 in A

Store 2 in B

Store -4 in C

Store 4 in D

R/S results


I am no programmer, so I am sure there are better ways to express the program, but at least will allow you to enter imaginary parts into an equation.


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I thought that RCL A RCL B RCL C RCL D would fill the stack with 4 numbers. Does the 33S require ENTER between those in a program?




Thanks for the reply. I was actually trying to use complex numbers in the equation mode (where you input an equation and it solves for a variable), but I'm glad I can at least write programs with complex support. Thanks.


Unfortunately, equations on the HP33s does not support complex numbers. The i is used as an indirection variable rather than SQRT(-1).


Thats terrible! I finally find a good use for equation mode, and it can't do what I want! Complex support really seem to be lacking on the 33S, I'm actually regretting buying it now. Thanks.


Just out of curiosity, what is the equation you want to solve with complex numbers??

Often if you just plug in (a + ib) into the equation, you can solve the real and imaginary parts separately. These separated equations *can* be solved numerically on the calculator


The equation was sqrt[(R + jwL)/(G + jwc)]. It was tedious to retype this equations for various values. I know it would be simple to seperate it into real and imaginary parts, but I figured the equation mode could handle it.


The equation [to be used in an equation for solving] was "sqrt[(R + jwL)/(G + jwc)]."

This expression can be used within a program fed to the SOLVE function, which will solve for only one real-valued variable at a time:

         x    y     z    t

This will place Re {sqrt[(R + jwL)/(G + jwc)]} in the x-register and Im {sqrt[(R + jwL)/(G + jwc)]} in the y-register. Taking to the 0.5 power is the only workaround for finding square roots of complex-valued arguments.

-- KS

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