Calcs on display - what lighting?


For those of you that 'display' your collection (or part of), what's your thot on lighting?

1) Incandescent
2) CF tube (does K temp color matter?)
3) Halogen (w/UV filter)

Specifically with regards to deterioration (I'd suppose UV would damage the plastic.

Also, for 'yellow lcd' (non HP calcs), are they more sensitive to UV than regular LCD's?



I have no lights in my display rack yet. But I'm thinking of putting in a kind of 'cold' light, as neon, in small tubes. I have the IKEA BERTBY rack, and all the shelfs are in glass, and the rack is therefore very suitable for lightning.

As you write Peter, it's not a good idea to have halogen spots, and due to my racks compact design, I will not have halogen for another reason; heat.




Watch out!



LOL, that's what I thought too :)
(In fact, I have the very same one and already replaced the screws before the announcement, since they appeared to be not good enough...)

Back on topic, I would suggest a non-UV at all light - even better would be no light at all though, since most mid-70s plastics is very cheap and will yellow or degrade. This is not the case for HP calculators though ;)
The yellow LCDs are yellow because of their UV-filter screen, so better store them away from light.


I know about the mounting issue from IKEA. But as I bought the rack second hand, I applied the screws myself.


Americans seem to have such a way with words - "beads may be inhaled into the child's lung and affect the lung function." Or put another way the child may choke to death?

The site also says "Please take the toy away from your child immediately and return it to your nearest IKEA Store!" If you were the child could you sue Ikea for trauma after the toy was taken from you, possibly forcably?



Hey, Tom,
If you want to criticize us Americans for our "way with words," that's OK; much of the time we deserve it. But weren't you also amused by the IKEA warning? "Please take the toy away from your child immediately and return it to your nearest IKEA Store!"
Technically, I believe, the warning really means to return your CHILD to the IKEA store, "it" referring backwards to the closest noun preceding.


No, the sentence is worded correctly.


You are CORRECT, sir!
In the sentence, "it" refers back to the subject, not the "closest noun".


Sorry - that should say object.



Well, you might be able to compromise-

you can get red LCDs! (Or other colors, for that matter... but for readouts on a light background, black is always best.)

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