What is the GPIO interface HP 82165A


Hi everybody,

what function does the HP 82165A GPIO interface have?

By the name I would expect some General Purpose IO.

Thanks for hints,



Dear Thomas,

the HP82165 supports you with an parallel 8bit or 16bit interface port plus some handshake lines.

Most people use the HP82165 for interfacing a parallel Printer (centronics). Unfortunately the HP82166 is AC powered - and therefore not compatible to mobile applications. Furthermore the TRIGGER output control line is not available for this unit, needed for some advanced interface applications.

Therefore I prefer the HP82166 IL-Converter : This is function compatible to the HP82165, supports also the TRIGGER output control line and needs a DC power supply.

Some mobile interface applications like measurement- and datalogger applications developed from me for the HP82166 Il-Converter. More detail about this nice projects you get by searching the subjects I/O-Board and IL2000 System...

Best regards from Germany - Christoph Klug

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