Hard to Find --> "It's the only one I'm auctioning today."

Rare --> "It's the only one I'm auctioning this week."
Very Rare --> "It's the only one I'm auctioning this month."
Unique --> "It's the only one I'm willing to sell."

Mint --> "It looks more-or-less like it did when I bought/inherited/salvaged/found/stole it."

Minty --> "It's mint (q.v.), except for the funny green sauce I dribbled on it while eating lamb chops the other night."

New in Box (NIB) --> "I bought this with the sole intent of selling it for many times what I paid for it."

Nice --> "Looks great-- doesn't work."

Complete --> "Except for the valuable, hard-to-find bits required to make it work."

Not Tested/Sold As-Is --> "12VDC? 120VAC? There's a difference?"
Like New --> "Like running over it with a car could really be that bad for it."

With Extras --> "I didn't feel like auctioning the manual and case separately."

Buy It Now --> "...for twice what it's worth, or risk paying three times as much to stave off snipers."


Dear Matthias,
Only one word ... GREAT !!!


Another couple:

"Postal insurance: Not available"

means "it will get 'lost in the post' after I don't send it and you will be out of pocket."

"Just like the one in the picture, I haven't got a digital camera"

means "nothing like the mint condition one in the photo".

"Location = New York, UK" and "all import duties will be paid"

means "I'm lying about where the calculator comes from and tough on you when customs want import duty."


I coppied the Ebay dictionary here a couple of years ago and used to put it on my auctions. It's amazing how many earnest serious people would "ask the seller a question" about why i said it had a battery door and then i said it didn't or do i mean that i will be auctioning another one tomorrow? I guess i should have expected to explain how it could be nice and not work even though i said it was working :-)

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