Solver in the HP 200LX


Although there are the L() and G() functions in the solver of the HP 200LX, they may not work the same as the solver on the calculator models. I tried A=G(A)+1 but the A does not increment each time I press the soft key. Could someone clarify this matter for me?


Sorry, on mine it works. SN = SG60503543, Euro-English version, can't currently not remember what "Felix" version, as with double speed the selftest screen is blured and the SW to read it from storage is "at home".



Interesting...your 200LX is from 1996, yet it uses the new serial number format.

I have a 48GX from 1997 (3702SXXXXX) and it's in the old format...

I guess the change in serial number was done on a product-by-product basis???

Any ideas?



Well, I never noticed that circumstance. If it's of any help, the SN of my two HP100LX is SG32803216 and SG34501591 (which does it's daily job as least cost router - see and of the 200LX it is SG52102337, SG60503543, SG62301597 and the 700LX is SG60900143. And now: ABB3145A01503 was a 95LX I once had and ABD3151S000342 is the one I still have.

So the change of the SN format was from "Jaguar" to "Cougar" already. If only the follower of "Puma" and "Felix", the "Lion", would have come to life. Sigh.


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