Overlays for 48 series calculators


Did HP ever make a set of the thin keyboard overlays for the 48 series calculators like they did for the 41 series? If so, where can I find them?




I posted a similar request some time ago. The response was that they were once available (educalc?) but those who still had them were going to hold onto them. I don't know if HP made any.

I think they could easily be made using the type of prototyping PCB tool my company has. This is like a mini milling machine with an x-y head. Once the 'layout' of the overlay is entered a sheet of plastic could be cut to the required shape. Our machine is used all the time so the chance of me getting to it are slim :-(

PS - can anyone think of the reason the hp49g has a USER function? (Appart from being a hang over from the HP48G) Without the ability to have keyboard overlays the owner has to remember what each USER key does!



one thing i can come up with is to contact tripod data systems (tds) in corvallis oregon u.s.a. and see if you can buy one of thiers. you will have to live with g - z, cont/off and the tds-48 symbol (a definate minus) and esc, note, print, & main, above the g,h,j, & l keys. the rest is just a real dark dark brown.


I've bought them from the late EduCalc in the previous century. I just wanted the transparant with the math/greek symbols on them. But it was a package of math/greek symbols, 3 creme and 3 transparent. One creme I did cut up so it would fit a 42. So I have 2 creme and 3 transparent for sale or trade (also a HP82143A printer). I would like someone to help me on a 32/128Kb ramcard for the 48.


does that mean that you want a 32kb ramcard?

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