hp49g+ connectivity


I just purchased the hp49g+. After installing the connectivity kit and USB driver (the latest available on the web) on my WinXP Pro system, Conn4x is unable to find the calculator. Can anyone help me troubleshoot and fix this? Thanks.


I recommend you to follow these steps:

1. Turn on the calculator

2. Start the connectivity software.

3. Turn on the calculator.

4. WAIT for a warning sound

5. In "Connect using"... select HP49G+

6. Go to File/Connect

7. You are prompted to press the right shift (red) key and THEN (not at the same time) the right arrow (in the group of the 4 round keys).

8. Click on OK

If your USB port is right this should work

Edited: 3 Nov 2004, 3:22 p.m.


For some reason I cannot run the connectivity software and Microsoft ActiveSync (if you happen to have a Pocket PC etc) at the same time. I use to kill the process called Wcescomm before running the connectivity software. Other than that it works just fine...

Erik Ehrling (Sweden)

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