48gx infrared printer


I know that hp had the small battery operated infrared printers for the 48gx, which can be pricey on ebay. Is there any new printers available that hook to the computer and also has the infrared printing mode? If so has anyone used this method?



The HP LaserJet 2100 Printer has IR port and works with my palm pilot; however, it did not work with the 49G+, 48GX, or 41cx with IR module. The only IR printer listed in the manual for the 48GX is the 82240B. I did test all three calculators with the 82240A and it worked fine.


You can print from the 48GX to any laserjet or most older deskjet printer if the print has a serial port. Can't use IR however.


Has anyone tried using the HP 48GX on the printer advertised at http://www.calculatorsource.com/m-mcp8850b.html? It is advertised as HP-82240B compatible. Who is the manufacturer of this printer?


Haven't tried it, but it's supposed to work.

Martel Instruments; see http://www.martelinstruments.com/

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