HP41 Emulator -- Bluetooth Module


Some time ago we were discussing in this Forum the pros/cons of having the PIC-based HP41 emulator communicate with the outside world via a USB interface.

I suggested that Bluetooth may be better, but I was tald that its too complicated/expensive.

Well, there is an off-the-shelf module that allows serial comms over Bluetooth.


The is also an article in the Circuit Cellar Magazine explaining how the PromiESD-02 module can be interfaced with PIC processors. (#171, Oct 2004, Big PICs by Fred Eady).





The mentioned Bluetooth module is close to $80, a USB chip will cost you less then $10. Bluetooth is complicated, especially when you start working on the software. In addition Bluetooth will consume more power, while when a machine is connected to USB it will allows power to be supplied over USB (and charge batteries for example.

Last but not least USB is myuch faster. My vote is for USB, which is implemented in my MLDL2000!



I have a "crippled" version of nsim for microcontroller use. The code runs, but I am currently stuck with the i2c bus on my PIC. I have included RS/232.
My motto is: Let everyone design his own. If someone needs a bluetooth, then he can modify the code.
(I haven't really tested my code, so I have not made it available, but you can request it via eMail).

So you either have to build your own, or you have to present your arguments why bluetooth is a must!

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