Feature request: PREVAL should support matrices


Hello HP,

Algebraic mode calculate(RPN is same):


I expect "[[1][3]]" but HP49G+(ROM 1.23) just say "Bad Argument Type", it seems HP49G+ MATRICES and CALC still need integrate more.

I don't know where to report such feedback, so I post it here.

BTW: Such matrix operation was quite normal operation in Linear System Theory if you want some more example.



I am not optimistic that posting your suggestion here will do any good. This site is in no way connected to hp. The wants and desires expressed at this forum do not seem to have any impact on hp. Otherwise, there would be a 42Sii or 43SX calculator on the market, and the 33S would not look like it does. I offer two possibilities to bring this to the attention of hp:

1. Call hp calculator support. Dial 1-800-HPINVEN. DO NOT press any buttons on your phone to choose any of the selections offered by the automated call director. Just say "something else" a couple of times. That should connect you to a live operator. Ask that operator to connect you to calculator support. Then give them your suggestion.

2. Post your suggestion at comp.sys.hp48. Supposedly one or more of the people in the hp calculator division watches this site.

Good luck!


Thank you a lot!

Followed your suggestion, I had already post a suggestion at comp.sys.hp48, I'm so unlucky that I born and lived in Shanghai, China. :-), so there is no 800 phone to reach HP and many useful sites(including www.hpcalc.org, but lucky http://hpcalc.kn.vutbr.cz/ is accessible) was blocked due to some unknown political reason.

Well, it seems too far from discussing just Calculators.


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