A "shell" that runs on different brands of calcs.


I was wondering if anybody would like to hook up with some Casio/TI guys! You have to have a fair amount of knowledge in programming. This will be no easy task, we actually have a version that works on the TI-86 and with similar code works on the Casio AFX! (Almost exactly the same code) This is an amazing feat! We would like to incorporate an HP guy/guys...Thanks in advance for all your help!

-Madskillz, 4nic8


If you mean programming HP's new calculators, this is probably the wrong forum. Please see the newsgroup comp.sys.hp48 instead.


No...we are creating a universal language that will work on all different brands/makes of calcs. I.E. Casio, TI, and now, hopefully, HP. We are asking if anybody would make a version for the HP? Like I said we actually have code that works on between the casio and TI...the exact same code. Thus we are making interpreters for each type of calc, taht will read the code. So you will be able to code a program on the TI-83+, than put that on your computer. Once the file is on your computer, than you can transfer it to your Casio or HP brand calc, and play the game/program. This isn't just a slow language, it'll be faster than TI/Casio's BASIC programming. Plus with the interpreters, you'll be able to make files and test them right on the calc! Oh, one more detail, grayscale will be/is and option too!Thanks for your time!



I'm sorry...I guess I didin't understand your question at first! This was one of the only good forums I could find! If you could kindly perhaps give me the names of a few good groups with a forum...or just a good HP forum, I would be very happy. Thanks again, and sorry for kinda messing up your forum!



Comp.sys.hp48 isn't a web forum, but a newsgroup. Your ISP should give you access to newsgroups. You could also use a web based interface like google: http://groups.google.com/groups?q=comp.sys.hp48&hl=en&btnG=Google+Search

My point is that while this is a good forum, its geared towards older HP calculators. Comp.sys.hp48 is probably more relevant.

Edited: 30 Oct 2004, 12:15 a.m.


Alright...yeah I realized that this was a site about older models of HP calcs...after I posted my reply to your first response! Sorry...you can delete this thread if you want! Thanks again for your time! Again, sorry!



The project I manage, OpenRPN, is creating a portable programming language as part of our project. Please send me an e-mail as I think both of our groups may have something to offer one another.

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