Calculators for Middle School Science/Math


I've a teacher-friend who's trying to convince her school to buy calculators for the kids in her Middle School (7th & 8th grades) science and math courses. There are lots of lower-income kids, and they don't seem to be able to consistently show up with calculators, so the teacher is thinking maybe the school should have a supply on hand.

I don't want to beat the RPN-as-the-best-way-to-learn-math drum -- that issue is dead, unfortunately. I'm just trying to help get this cash-strapped school the best deal possible.

I found an HP-6S at Office Max for only $5.99. On the Web, they seem to cost somewhat more, but $9-$10 each is easy to find for the HP-6S Solar. Like it or not (and I don't), HP is actually competing on the basis of price . . . I don't think there's another scientific available for less.

I've noticed the HP web site shows only the -6S Solar -- has the -6S been discontinued? Might there be stocks of discontinued -6S models available at a "special" rate? Does anyone know where they (Solar or otherwise) might be bought with, say, an educational and/or volume discount? Does anyone know of any organization willing to "grant" (i.e., give) calculators to young students?

Any info or contacts you can provide will be helpful.

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