What's the difference: HP 82059A/B/C/D


The HP-19C says to use 82059A/B and does not mention the C or C.

The HP-75D says to use 82059 B/C/D but not the A.

The HP-97 uses all four. All too confusing, since they all have the same connector (don't they).

What is the difference between all these various models and is there anything dangerous (to the device) that should be noted?


AFAIK They are all the same.

Well, they differ in the plug and mains voltage, but aside from that the output voltage and connector is the same and thus are interchangable.

My list is

82059B US (90 - 120 VAC)
82066B Europe (210 - 250 VAC)
82067B UK (210 - 250 VAC)
82067B Opt 001 Republic of South Africa (210 - 250 VAC)
82068B Oz (210 - 250 VAC)
82069B Europe (90 - 120 VAC)

But on reflection, these are all B variants and thus it doesn't answer the question -- sorry.


There are some subtle mechanical differences in the plug. I am not sure of which model #'s are different but some adapters I have cannot be used interchangably due to differences in the rubber plug. Some have more rubber between the plugs which prevents plugging into some of the calcs or accessories they otherwise would work fine for. Of course you could cut out the excess rubber. There may be other subtle differences I have not looked for or found...


In general, these came from HP manuals. If you find manuals which recommend other combinations, please let me know and I'll add them. In general, though, I don't think you have to worry too much as long as the connector fits.

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