Emanuel Verbeeck is a thief


He ripped me off on eBay. He bought a NIB Mint unused TI CC-40 in August, replaced the new unit with a broken, tampered, damaged by trying to open it, unit, kept the manuals, and re-listed it on eBay as new, unused, mint in box. Original August purchase: 5118488377 My Oct 5 2004 purchase: 5127154622.

I have filed an eBay fraud alert, and will file for Fraud Protection on Nov 5 2004 (30-day mandatory wait) and hopefully they will shut down his account then for STEALING.

email me for more details/proof




I don't know what happened here,

but you use strong words in public,

where it may be more appriorate to discuss

this issue with Mr. Verbeek directly.

As far as I can see, your eBay profile

shows a fraud, too (item 2027432338),

which relativates your words...

I don't take party for anyone of you both,

but maybe it was only a misunderstanding,

or a packing error. You should make this clear first.



No...that person just didn't read the auctions, and the emails that I sent to him. And at least I responded to him. Mr. Verbeeck refuses to even answer my emails.


I do not know about your auction, but I personally bought Mr Verbeeck two Sharp calculators which were exactly as described (both mint). He even helped me by mail when I had a question about opening it and hard-resetting it.
May I suggest that instead of cursing this person (or any person for that matter), you send a kind email? Being aggressive (or, as above, plain diffamatory) will not help resolve this minor issue.
My two cents.


I've sent him at LEAST 6 emails, none of which has been answered. I sent him one upon opening the package, and seeing that he gave a non-working, damaged, unit, with the screw still loose, and the metal back cover bent from screwdriver prying. I sent him another email 3 days later, notifying him that I was contacting PayPal about it. No response. I emailed him before I filed a fraud alert with eBay. no response. And I emailed him again last night. Of course, surprise, no response. Looking at the two auctions, the fraud was intentional. He kept the good unit, and sold the bad one as new, unused, mint in box. And, he kept the manuals.


FYI, it is useless to beg Paypal for a refund, because you did receive the package, so their responsibility stops there. It is also useless to bother eBay, unless this is a zero-feedback seller, or one with clear negative feedback. In this case, your seller has very excellent feedback for several years -- unless your aggressive one : the case will be closed without any debate, nothing will be done, but you will only know it in 30 days.

Also, the auction contains pictures and clear wording; you won't be able to claim for a wrong description. As far as eBay is concerned, it is your word against your seller's. How do you prove you didn't damage the stuff yourself?

Proceed with life, imho there are much, much more important things.


eBay has Fraud Protection: amount -$25 processign fee.

As to the auction, it says
"This is an unique chance to buy a mint, new-in-box (NIB) Texas Instruments TI-CC40 computer and its dedicated TI Printer/Plotter. They have never been used, and as you can see on the photos, the two boxes contain everything. The computer works on 4 AA batteries (not included), the printer/plotter works with its power adapter (supplied). This is the ideal, new-old-stock (NOS) complete package, ideal for collectors!"

From the auction he bought it in, you can see the sticker on the CC-40. This one has none.

Face it. He bought a new one, switched the unit with a bad unit, took all the manuals and everything, and then listed it as a new item in box, with fraudulent intentions.

Worse comes to worse, I'm going to Europe in a couple of months anyway.


This is a website for old (and new) HP calculators. We share information about using, programming, fixing, and working with old and new HP calculators. We also share about updates in documentation and firmware for HP calculators.

Having said that. This is NOT a site for TI computers and it is NOT a site for eBay complaints at large. I understand your displeasure with your transaction. Please respect us and this site and channel your complaints to the proper parties (eBay and PayPal).


Just giving fair warning so noone here gets ripped off by him. That's all.



Your not the only one taken by Emanuel. He seems to be making a pattern... Good Luck!


DO tell. email me, if you'd like. SGIGuy@compusource.net

Now, actually on topic, is the HP 16 hex calc still made? Anyone have one available?


Now, actually on topic, is the HP 16 hex calc still made? Anyone have one available?
The HP-16C was discontinued in 1989. You might have some luck if you post a "wanted to buy" ad here. Otherwise your best hope to find one is probably eBay. Expect to pay $150 or higher no matter where you find one, unless you have time to scrounge garage sales and/or estate auctions.


Thanks! I had one MANY moons ago, and would like another!


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