Are there any HP calculators used in German schools?


I just looked through some "Bildungsserver" (information offered by ministry of education) to find a list of calculators allowed at schools. What I found are links to three "market companions" of HP, one of them showing a list in which county which of his models is allowed at what school. Nothing from HP.

And then this

Anybody here who knows which HP calcs are allowed in which school? Seems to be an issue to find out.



There is no common rule which calculator to use. This is mostly a school-wide decision; general consent is that the calculator has to be of common (AOL) logic and being non-programmable, preferably being cheap and non-destructable too. To reduce support (aka teaching) troubles, a class purchase is offered at a discounted price, at times a certain model is required (this might be the case in some states). Usually you could use whatever you want though (which happens in higher classes). I remember using my Casio fx-7000 and later 28 C - good thing the teachers didn't know about them being programmable :)

The link you posted is for a state-wide challenge targeted at schools. TI being a sponsor is not a surprise - TI has been a supplier of "standard calculators" for 25 years now; with HP being far too expensive.


Yes, HP = High Price <G>, as student I payed 500 Deutsch Marks for a *used* HP-41C, that was the complete monthly budget. Well, others laught at me, "look what I payed for my XYZ", but I was at most the first with correct results when others still typed on their XYZ.

I have not the right to compare HP with XYZ, I never ever after touched something else than HPs, but at school the price is an heavy argument. My decission as student was driven by 'RPN and programmable'. Last WE I talked with a Math teacher and understand now a bit his point of view. But when I scann the internet with this viewing angle I am very astonished that HP calcs seem to be not even a choice to think about - at least here in Germany. I had to learn that looking at Colin Croft's site only for Math education is a limited focus.


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