Quiz of the day


Why are these people so happy?

Enjoy, Juergen


because they got the right stuff?

Nice photo;-)



Because they bought their hp's before they went out of production ;-)




Because they are not yet aware about the pain they will soon experience, when the tools they are used to became almost unavailable, and the intended replacements have little to do with the originals.


Because they will make a lot of money on eBay in some years.


Because they will meet a nice group of people bounded by their appreciation to quality products, a very nice community which meets at something that will be called MoHPC when the right time arrives!


- Because they got the first and best calculator network arround the world?

- Because the long suffering time with lazy TI calculators has ended?

- Because they are beta tester of the new "Leisure Suit Larry" release for HP calculators?


They are attending the HHC 2005 conference in Chicago. You too can be happy with them if you plan to attend that conference!!!!

Long live the fellowship of RPN lovers!!!


The photographer just made a nasty noise? Or they are payed for that big smile?



Probably, they have been moved back in time for 20 years, when they tryed to find a handy solution for a trivial problem on a PC, running 'W.....ws'. Now they figured out that THIS calculator is often better to get it right.



It is the International HP Calculator Conference! :)


Maybe they are posing for a classic HP ad.


Because they knew what they did when they calculated?


Because they could trust their results?


Because most of them had a real rugged pocket solution?


Because they did not know about a "fatal protection violation" yet?


Because they used their little computing power to produce great results - whereas nowadays immense computing power is wasted in a "popular" operating system?


Because they knew every fashion style will come back after about 25 to 30 years? What they didn't know, this law doesn't cover calculators ;-)


Is this the Horn family at Thanksgiving?


Because they are in the 80's! (I was happy and I was not known about...)


they know what sort of equipment they're holding in their hands?


because all calculators they're using are RPN-only?


because they're ACTUALLY solving real-life problems?

OR they are not aware of what's to come in order to replace these models...


because they have NEVER heard about missing keys


I think we ARE ALL MISSING THE OBVIOUS ... it's a picture of David Hicks' family!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello, dear customers;

due to a recent invasion in our internal data bank, the file that actually contains this photograph was incidentally "shared" with the unknown guest. Anyway, we talked to Carly (she took the photograph) and she allowed us to explain.

This is a regular day at the Development Board when we actually develop and discuss what is going ahead. As you can see, you should all be confident on our new products because we use the best development tools ever available to design them.

And, of course, we are happy using them.

BTW, this is a two to three weeks due photograph. We hope you enjoy it.

With our best wishes.

The Hewlett-Packard Development Team

123456 to remove

Edited: 25 Oct 2004, 1:19 a.m.


Because this group developed the new TI, and all of them realized, the new concept is in their hands... ;)


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